Shipping a Car, Truck, Or Other Land Vehicle

Shipping a vehicle can add a layer of complexity to an interstate move, but shipping through ShipRightNow can make the process as smooth as possible. Try to begin the process at least four weeks prior to the shipping date. When creating a shipment, be sure to specify the type of vehicle needing to be shipped. This will help ensure you get an accurate quote from our transporters.

Schedule A Pre-Shipment Vehicle Inspection

Most transporters require a vehicle inspection prior to shipping. A mechanic can take care of any leaks or mechanical problems that could impede shipping. This inspection should be scheduled early in case repairs are needed.

Check Your Vehicle Insurance

Call your auto insurance agent to find out whether the car or truck will be covered for damage or loss during transport. If not, ask the shipper whether they provide transit insurance. A short-term policy may be needed to cover the total loss of the car during shipping.

Prepare The Vehicle For Transport

Just prior to shipping, there are a few things that should be done to prepare the vehicle: