Shipping an ATV

Whatever the reason for shipping an ATV, professional ATV shipping is safer and easier than doing it yourself. Find the right transporter to ship an ATV across town, the state, or the country with ShipRightNow.

Find the Right ATV Transporter

The best price is not the only consideration when choosing a transporter to ship an ATV. Ask questions of the potential transporter and ask for references from prior customers. A reputable transporter will be happy to provide them. When you have chosen a shipper, ask to see their license to ship vehicles, as well as their ATV shipping contract and insurance coverage. Find out what steps the carrier takes to protect an ATV while in transit.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Some transporters’ insurance coverage includes a deductible. Your regular insurance may cover an ATV during transport, or it may act as secondary insurance to cover the deductible. Ask your vehicle insurance agent to explain if and how your regular insurance policy covers an ATV during transport.

Prepare Your ATV For Transport

Your transporter will give you a checklist of steps to prepare the ATV for transport. Before shipping an ATV be sure to follow this checklist carefully - failure to prepare the ATV properly could delay transport. In addition to the items required by your transporter, clean and inspect the ATV carefully. Take photographs from every side, and detailed photographs of any area that could be damaged in transport. Remove any belongings or accessories before shipping.

Shipping An ATV

When shipping an all terrain vehicle, make sure the ATV is in an area accessible to large trucks before the transporter arrives. Some transporters will load the ATV onto the trailer, while others expect the shipper to load it. Be sure to remove the keys after the ATV is strapped down.

Choose A Transport Trailer Style

There are two basic types of transport trailers: open and closed. Choose an open ATV carrier if you need the ATV shipped quickly and are only shipping a few hundred miles. Open transport trailers are often a less expensive option. Closed ATV trailers protect an ATV from the weather and are less susceptible to theft. You may need to be more flexible when shipping an ATV via closed transport. Because many ATV’s are shipped on the same trailer, the transporter will schedule trucks when the trailer is full. Choose a closed trailer if the ATV is particularly valuable or vulnerable to the elements.

When the ATV is delivered at its destination, do an immediate ATV inspection. Look for any signs of damage and take photographs if necessary. These will be necessary if an insurance claim needs to be filed.