Oversized, Overweight Freight and Heavy Hauling

Transporting oversized or heavy loads such as yellow iron, pipes, and heavy equipment requires a specialized transporter with experience shipping this type of freight. Finding a qualified transporter to do the job can be difficult and expensive, but ShipRightNow can help minimize the searching and expense if you list it with us.

Determine Size and Weight

The first step in arranging shipment of an oversized or heavy load is accurately determining the size and weight of the load. If you are shipping heavy equipment, consult your owner’s manual or the manufacturer for dimensions and weight. Your transporter will need this information to decide what type of trailer to use.

Find the Right Oversize Freight Transporter

Not every transporter is licensed to haul heavy loads, and some have more experience than others. When you arrange your shipment through ShipRightNow you have the opportunity to ask questions of any bidding transporter without sharing your contact information. When you create your shipment, provide as much detail about the oversize load as you can. Interested transporters will bid on your shipment. When two or more transporters bid they will have the opportunity to lower their original bids to compete for your business.

Prepare Your Heavy Equipment For Transport

After you accept a bid, contact your oversized load transporter to find out exactly how to prepare your overweight or oversize equipment for shipping. You may need to drain the fuel tank, disconnect the battery, or make other mechanical adjustments.

Check Your Insurance And Permits

Ask your transporter what their insurance covers, and find out whether your heavy equipment or business insurance will cover your equipment during transport. You may need to purchase additional insurance coverage to ensure you are adequately protected. Depending on the size and weight of the load, you may need to arrange for special permits to transport your equipment. Your transporter will have the experience and knowledge to advise you on necessary permits.