Move Your Office

Moving Office Contents

Moving a business to a new facility requires more planning and coordination than moving a family to a new home. You expect a certain amount of disruption for a few weeks before and after a residential move, but you can’t afford to have a business grind to a halt during the moving process. Depending on the size of the business, give yourself three to six months to plan and execute the move.

Assemble A Moving Planning Committee

Careful planning is crucial to a project of this size. Identify stakeholders from each department of the business to make up the planning committee. These individuals should have in-depth knowledge of their area and be able to identify potential problems as well as systems and equipment that must be operational immediately.

Lay Out Your New Office Space

Compare blueprints of your old and new office spaces to identify both the similarities and differences. Transfer efficient furniture and equipment layouts from your old space to the blueprint of the new space. Identify areas in the old space that do not work well, and brainstorm ways to solve those problems in the new space before you start moving office contents from one facility to the other.

Use ShipRightNow To Find The Right Moving Company

When hiring a moving company through ShipRightNow you'll have the piece of mind knowing that you found the right mover for your business. You also save money when movers compete for your business. Be sure and always ask questions of potential movers. For your privacy, your contact information will only be sent to a mover after you accept their bid, so you will not be inundated with unnecessary sales calls from moving companies.