Shipping Furniture

Whether you're shipping an armoire you bought online, or a couch to help furnish your child’s first apartment, you have two options when shipping furniture: freight and white glove movers. With ShipRightNow, you can compare bids and interview BOTH kinds of movers.

Shipping Furniture By Freight

Freight shipping is a more economical route to moving large items like couches, tables, and chest furniture. When you ship furniture as freight, you may be responsible for packing the item securely and may have to deliver it to the shipping company. When you arrange for shipping through ShipRightNow you can ask potential shippers what their packing requirements and/or recommendations are, what measures they take to prevent damage, where their drop-off location is, and if they offer pick up service.

Shipping Furniture With White Glove Movers

White glove movers are similar to full-service residential movers. They arrive at your home, securely pad and pack your furniture, and load it on the truck. At the destination, they unload the item and place it in its new location. White glove movers tend to be more expensive than freight shippers, but the extra level of service might be worth the cost. Arranging your furniture shipment through ShipRightNow saves money as white glove shipping companies compete for your business.

Ask Questions Of The Movers

Whether you choose to ship your furniture as freight or hire a white glove mover, there are some questions you should ask movers up front. For instance, find out what insurance coverage the shipper offers, and what their pick up and delivery schedule is. Ask what payment methods they accept. When you find a shipping company through ShipRightNow, you can always ask questions directly to individual movers without revealing your personal information. Your contact information is only shared after you accept a bid.