ShipRightNow Frequently Asked SHIPPER Questions

I don't want to get sales calls – can I create a shipment without giving out my personal information?
Absolutely. Your personal information is never given to transporter until you both accept a bid.

What type of item can I ship through
You can ship virtually anything, from motorcycles to livestock, from pets to ATVs, through ShipRightNow.

I have a question for a potential transporter. How can I contact them?
Log into your ShipRightNow account to ask questions of any transporter bidding on your load. They will be able to answer and provide additional information without seeing your contact information.

Something has gone wrong and I can't get in touch with my transporter. What can I do?
The ShipRightNow customer service team is never more than a phone call or an email away. Our job is to do everything within our power to make sure you and the transporter both have a positive experience.

ShipRightNow Frequently Asked TRANSPORTER Questions

How can help me make more money?
Our goal is to help keep your truck loaded. An empty truck costs you money for every mile you drive between loads. Log onto any time you have an empty trailer and bid on shipments along your route.

How much does it cost to join
Nothing. It is free for both shippers and transporters to join