ShipRightNow - Shipping Large, Bulky and Overweight Items

When you need to ship an oversized or bulky item, such as furniture, a piano, or a vehicle, you need a specialty transporter that understands how to properly handle your items.

Shipping Home Or Office Furniture

Whether you need to move all household contents or transport a single piece of furniture, you'll find the right transporter at Be sure to find out how the transporter recommends that you prepare your items for shipping. Depending on the type of furniture, the transporter may recommend a shipping crate, or they may simply pad it with moving blankets.

Shipping A Piano

Shipping a piano is often the most difficult piece of furniture to move. Before the transporter arrives, make sure there is a clear path from the piano to the door. If you can, try to move the piano the day before the rest of your furniture and possessions arrive at your new home so the movers do not have to maneuver around boxes and other pieces of furniture.

Shipping Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, and Other Vehicles

Whether you need to ship the family car or transport a motorcycle or other recreational vehicle, you will need to have the vehicle checked by your mechanic before shipping. Ask your transporter how they recommend preparing your vehicle for shipping. Some vehicle transporters require that the fluids be drained prior to shipping, while others do not.