Shipping Food and Other Agriculture

Shipping fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products requires careful planning to ensure the food does not spoil in transport and is delivered to its destination in good condition.

Packing Food For Transport

Pack your agricultural goods securely to avoid damage during transport. When shipping agriculture be sure to provide adequate cushioning so delicate fruits and vegetables aren’t bruised when they arrive. When listing your shipment, clarify if you need a reefer truck.

Pack Food To Maintain Proper Temperature

Some agricultural products spoil quickly when exposed to extreme temperatures, such as those often encountered during transport. If your produce is sensitive to heat, insist on a refrigerated shipment. If very low temperatures would damage your goods, clearly mark “Do Not Freeze” on the shipment, and discuss relevant weather conditions with the transporter and the driver.

Food Safety

When shipping food avoid cross-contamination at all costs. Raw food products, such as produce, must be kept separate from prepared foods and other goods. If you are shipping produce on a shared trailer with other goods, package it in a sealed container and inform the driver of your food safety and cross contamination concerns. Consult with your local health department and department of agriculture offices for specific regulations concerning shipping produce.

Find The Right Agricultural Transporter

Finding an experienced agricultural transporter is easy when you arrange your shipment through ShipRightNow. When interested transporters bid on your shipment, you will have the opportunity to ask transporters good questions in order to make an informed decision. Your contact information is never shared until you accept a bid.